Ad Agency Search & Selection

A typical marketing agency / ad agency search is heavily presentation-driven, exposing the client to only a few hours of a tightly rehearsed script. As a result, the client has little opportunity to appreciate the skills, capabilities and experience of the agency team who would actually be working on their business.

As the leading ad agency search consultant in Canada, Reynolds & Fyshe provides expert, in-depth industry knowledge of the Canadian agency services world, beyond what may be revealed in these tightly scripted and rehearsed presentations. With a wealth of proprietary data on agency practices in Canada to guide our clients, we constantly meet with and review leading agencies to maintain up to date data on their staff, capabilities and core culture.

Based on demonstrated ‘best practice’ methods, used by experts in the US, Canada and the UK, our proven processes – assisted with several proprietary tools like our Reynolds & Fyshe ‘Objectives and Value Drivers’ discovery process, ‘Dynamic Work Sessions’, ‘DNA Fit’ testing, ‘Agency Briefings’ and ‘Evaluation Score Cards’ – are individually customized to meet the needs clients’ needs, and designed to ensure that both the Client and Agency are truly aligned.

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6-Step Customized Selection Process
Initial Compensation Negotiation
Post Search Relationship Management Option

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We understand the impact on your business: long-term Client-Agency relationships add value, reduce disruption and leverage the learning curve.

Hiring the wrong agency causes disruption, impacts productivity, affects business results, and ultimately requires repeating the search.