“DNA Fit” In Ad Agency Search

The right ‘fit’ between Client and Agency is the single most important factor in the ultimate success of their working relationship.

Reynolds & Fyshe has developed a unique selection method, called “DNA Fit” testing, which provides deeper assessment of the fundamentals of relationship between Clients and Agencies. This method, achieved through our own proprietary Dynamic Work Sessions, includes individual meetings with the Agencies’ key personnel and thought leaders, and works outside of the traditional presentation environment that typifies ad agency search.

The result of our “DNA Fit” testing is proven and highly predictive in defining the relationship alignment between the Client and Agency.


“An American marketing association AAAA study discovered that ‘relationship fit’ is rated only #13 in importance during the early stages of an Agency search – but it then becomes the #1 factor in the final selection.

Further, a U.S. Salz Survey of Advertiser-Agency Relations showed that two of the top-three reasons why Advertisers rated their Agencies ‘highly’ related to “fit”. (Agencies also rated three of the top-six factors contributing to ‘good work’ as “fit” and “people related” – and “good teamwork” was rated #1.)”

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