Why Reynolds & Fyshe

We are recognized as the most respected marketing management consultant in Canada. Considerations in choosing Reynolds & Fyshe:


Direct access to partners, each with over 25 years of relevant senior Client and Agency industry experience.


Ongoing research and extensive relationships within the Canadian Advertising industry.


Industry data, benchmarks.


Impartial, independent consultancy with no vested interest in any of our searches or support services: we work for marketers not agencies.


Reputation and integrity matched with extensive transparency of our process, work and decisions.


With over 100 search experiences delivering value solutions and effectiveness.


Proven custom Ad Agency Search & Selection, Value Audit, Contract & Compensation and Relationship Management services, assisted with proprietary tools such as Reynolds & Fyshe ‘Objectives and Value Drivers’ discovery process, ‘Dynamic Work Sessions’ as part of our ‘DNA Fit’ testing, ‘Agency Briefings’ and ‘Evaluation Score Cards’, plus ‘EWP’ relationship management process.


Independent, professional, secure operating practice with security clearance from the RCMP and CSIS.

We get better value for your MarCom investment in agency services. 

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