6-Step Customized Selection Process

Our approach to each of our client-specific searches is based on both numeric and qualitative assessment factors, that both contribute to making the right decision.


a. Discovery/Consultation:

Reynolds & Fyshe will work with each client to determine the ‘Ideal Agency’ through our Objectives and Value Drivers* discovery process, to develop a full definition of our clients Key Success Factors and ensure a complete understanding of the scope of work. Reynolds & Fyshe ensures both strategic alignment and cultural fit.

Using the results of the Objectives and Value Drivers* discovery process, The results of the discovery process are utilized in the development of our Agency Briefing Documents* and Evaluation Score System*, which provide selection committee participants with the evaluation criteria for the Agencies’ submissions.

b. Long List Preparation:

Reynolds & Fyshe will provide a considered ‘long list’ of proposed agencies in order to secure NDA’s, interest in the client’s business, and then request agency fact sheets and submissions based on a customized Letter of Interest.

c. Short List:

Reynolds & Fyshe works with each client’s Selection Committee to shorten the ‘long list’ of agencies based on the agency submissions (usually to a maximum of 4 or 5 agencies). The agencies on this ‘short list’ will have the opportunity to refine their approach in response to the Reynolds & Fyshe Agency Briefing* model, a more detailed brief, targeted for each client’s requirements.

d. Presentations:

The ‘short list’ agencies are typically given a 2-hour presentation window to provide a live/in-person response to the Reynolds & Fyshe Agency Briefing* to confirm depth of experience, chemistry, and assess the working agency team gathered, using the Reynolds & Fyshe Evaluation Score Cards*.

e. Finalists & Reference Checks:

One or two agencies are selected to follow through to the finalist stage. Reynolds & Fyshe deploys our proprietary DNA Fit* testing [link], which assists to mirror the real world of Client-Agency relationships in order to aide in or confirm the agency choice. The finalist agencies will have provided references for further justification of choice.

f. Final Decision / MOU / Announcement:

Finally, after selecting a single finalist agency, Reynolds & Fyshe will assist each client with the development of a standard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering key elements of what will be a final contract.

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