“Reynolds & Fyshe provided great counsel throughout the search process that would have been difficult to replicate. We really appreciated how they took a very thorough process and made it easy for us to participate, reducing our workload and getting us to align our thinking on agency evaluations. Most importantly, the process was very successful, and we are delighted with our new agency.”

— Cheryl Grishkewich, VP, Control Brand Marketing, Loblaw Companies
“Dan and Mike are experts in their field, and they use their wide depth of knowledge to help you understand the process and avoid pit falls. It is a very skilled consultant who can teach you but still allow you to make the choices that are correct for your organization. Dan and Mike made the process rewarding, enjoyable and a success for Audi Canada.”
— Brad Beckett, Director of Sales, Audi Canada
“Reynolds & Fyshe helped us clarify the most important attributes of an agency partner, created a unity of purpose among the selection team members, kept us focused and, in the end, helped us find a partner we are all excited about. The process was fair, straightforward, thorough and successful.”
— William Azaroff, VP Digital Media, Vancity Credit Union
“The agency review process was very engaging and provided a great deal of insight into our agency’s fee, revenue and profit structure, for which I cannot provide details. However, suffice it to say that their findings were extremely beneficial to VW Canada, and have aided us greatly in renegotiating our contract – both financially and process wise. The process itself, while tailored to our needs, is one that Reynolds & Fyshe are obviously quite familiar and comfortable with, and wherein they don’t leave any stone unturned. It is thorough, comprehensive and informative on various levels”
— Bruce Rosen, Marketing Director, Volkswagen Canada
“Given the unique nature of our agency arrangement, the process was extremely helpful in navigating the way through the complex details required for consideration with the agency partnership.”
— John White, President, Volkswagen Canada
“I think DNA Fit is perhaps the most critical component of the search exercise. To sum up our experience with Reynolds & Fyshe, I will simply say: ‘I will never do it any other way again.”
— Brian McOstrich, VP, Marketing, Sentry Investments Asset Management
“I wanted to thank you so much for your management of the Agency review process on our behalf. We are thrilled with the outcome and are excited at the prospects this relationship affords us. We have had nothing but fantastic feedback on how well the process has been managed and the agencies who weren’t successful all have shared with us their positive feelings around how this has been managed.”
— Jennifer Howard, Director Brand Marketing, Capital One
“If you’re planning to embark on the process of an agency review or search, start by talking to Reynolds & Fyshe. You will not find a more experienced and responsive search consultant, completely focused on meeting the needs of your organization. Their process is anchored in insight and experience and focuses on both capability and relationship fit. I couldn’t have written a better ending to our process.”
— Richard Seres, VP Marketing, Vancity Credit Union
“Both Dan and Mike were easy to work with and challenged us in the ways we needed to be as a group. The process was an overall positive experience and found what we believe to be a great new agency partner.”
— Joel Peters, Sr. VP Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Toronto
“The complete process from beginning to end made it so much easier and the structure was very much appreciated. As well your insights to each agency your expertise in this field provided valuable opinions in our decision making process.”
— Lisa Jagatia, Marketing Manager, Genuine Health
“You kept us focused and on-track with your thoughtful process. You encouraged us to look at the DNA fit which ultimately led us to the right partner. We wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without you.”
— Kelly Bakken, Marketing Manager, Vancity Credit Union