Beyond overall improved productivity, greater effectiveness and efficiency, cost savings and increased brand alignment, greater benefits of the Value Audit are numerous. They apply to all advertising spending, regardless of whether there is a single Agency or multiple service providers that offer creative and marketing related services.

  • Increased marcom effectiveness, value, efficiency and productivity

  • More efficient/streamlined Agency compensation structure

  • Better forward planning and coordination of initiatives

  • Increased message consistency

  • Reduced Client-time commitments

  • More effective use of resources

  • Enhanced systems, procedures and workflow

  • Elimination of silos

  • Reduced duplication of effort

  • Better Client-Agency teamwork

  • Improved financial/legal oversight

  • Increased media efficiencies

  • Improved advertising effectiveness

  • Higher brand equity

  • Advertising staff optimization

  • Structural opportunities

  • Significant value efficiencies

The Value Audit provides the basis for continuous improvement and reveals inspired insights through focused innovative thinking and shared learning.

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