Contract & Compensation

As a core specialty within Reynolds & Fyshe’s suite of services, we work to identify and achieve for our clients significant spending efficiencies applicable to their ad agency compensation arrangements.

To successfully negotiate or achieve fair advertising agency compensation arrangements in today’s complex market requires knowledge and experience. Reynolds & Fyshe works collaboratively with our clients’ supply chain management and other extended teams and provides the necessary tools and information to help our clients put in place compensation programs and workable arrangements that reflect our clients’ unique requirements and industry standards.

Reynolds & Fyshe provides senior level expertise in a full range of remuneration practices from a simple fee formats to sophisticated incentive models:

  • Remuneration design, including Payment by Results (PBR)

  • Benchmarking and negotiations

  • Documentation and monitoring

  • Issue identification/validation

Matched with our unique industry knowledge of agencies and the advertising business, our teams’ years of experience allow us to focus on the specific areas that are important to clients.

Agency cost structure, overheads, fair profit, salaries and incentive-based compensation (such as Payment by Results), access to proprietary agency cost information, profit standards, fee models and salary surveys and Reynolds and Fyshe’s ongoing ‘hands on’ experience. This is the knowledge that helps our clients achieve exceptional compensation arrangements with their advertising partners suppliers.

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