Relationship Management & Performance Evaluation

Whether for new or existing relationships, the purpose of our Relationship Management practice, using the Effective Working Partnership (EWP) system, is to help foster sustainable, long-term business growth by strengthening Client Agency relationships and building a responsive culture based on trust.

Businesses are finding real benefits of leading-edge ‘relationship performance reviews’, which require both the marketer and the ad agency to measure one another. Traditional performance surveys have focused almost uniquely on the client’s perspective. But as clients recognize that maximizing their ROI includes accountability to the partnership with their vendors: actionable insights are becoming an imperative.

We believe that…

  • By asking the right questions you will uncover the truth
  • By using a neutral third party, open and honest input can be generated into critical, actionable insights
  • By taking action on the insights also demonstrates respect for participant input and further ensures long-term success

Unique Qualities:

  • Objectivity (Professional, independent third party)
  • Process Driven (Proven relationship management processes including EWP)
  • Strict Confidentiality (Aggregate data, secure operating practice)
  • Experience (Direct access to partners, each with over 25 years of senior industry experience)
  • Knowledge & Insight (Ongoing research, industry data, unique benchmarks and extensive relationships within the Marketing and Advertising industries)
  • Follow-through and implementation (Action Planning Workshops, and C-Suite Training & Coaching modules)

How it Works:

Through analysis of the EWP results an objective assessment is made of the Client Agency relationship: areas that are working well, and where there are opportunities for improvement. The in-depth findings report – providing actionable recommendations for improvement – is presented by one of our senior consulting partners to both parties. If an important relationship gap is uncovered, an a-la-carte menu of responsive Action Planning Workshops and Training/Coaching modules are available, along with consultant-led follow through to assist in implementing any adjustments.

The EWP system

This unique system is, in part, a measurement tool for a proprietary matrix of ‘six dimensions of trust’ matched with deliverables and comparison to key Client Agency relationship benchmarks that helps to isolate relationship strengths and development needs.

EWP has served leading advertisers, such as Nissan Canada, Canadian Tourism, BC Hydro, The Ontario Advertising Review Board, Vancity, Volkswagen Canada, Boston Pizza, Audi Canada, Nissan USA,Canadian Tire, and select marketing agencies in Canada.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to set up a consultation with you.

The cost of inefficient relationships is enormous. Relationships are the engines that drive your company. Effective relationships with your service agencies help your bottom line, while the cost of ineffective relationships in wasted time and lost opportunities can be devastating.
Our experience has shown that sustainable, long-term business growth is led by strong Client Agency relationships where a responsive, trust-based culture is present.